So in 2020 I decided it would be a fun idea to pursue or even create a blog full time, meaning posts that are more regular instead of once to twice a year. As you can see, this didn’t really work out that well and I’ve barley written anything.

Not through lack of ideas, this I seem to have plenty of. I am very good at writing internal blog posts in my head and it’s just the sitting and writing that seem to be the problem.

I need technology to create a device that can just take my thoughts straight from my brain and write it down for me, before I forget it or before I get the inevitable writers block.

A couple months ago, I met with some friends and one of them said some really lovely things to me about one of my posts Quitting my job during the pandemic’ and it really inspired me to write again. It was so nice to hear someone really liked my writing; it’s those words of encouragements that are so warm to hear. I often wondered if it may be worth writing what I got up in the time between quitting my job and finding a new one – is that something you’d like to read?

Following this meeting, for weeks afterwards I walked around full of thoughts and drafts, all in my head of course, and nothing came of it sadly but I held onto the feeling and here I am restarting this writing journey.


I properly started bookstagram a year ago, originally I created an Instagram page for interior ideas, I moved into my first proper flat with my other half and I wanted to get some ideas on how to make a home feel cosy. This then went on to finding some very thrifty Instagrammers whose main goal is restoring, up-cycling and saving money! Definitely saving all the ideas for when I do hopefully, maybe eventually buy a house. (HA!)

In between that, I popped a photo here and there of a book I read, until eventually, I actually discovered a whole Bookstagram community and I felt like I was home. Cheesy I know.

I deleted all my random content and focused on books, now I feel like I have a slightly unusual account because I very much tend to read books not everyone has heard of, leaving small reviews. I am that person that judges a book by its cover and picks it up on a whim because ‘it looks good’. Usually, this works our for me and I get a really good read.

I am also that person that HAS to finish a book even if it takes me absolutely forever and I don’t like it – but I want to give each author a chance. In my head, I believe the author took their time writing their book so the least I can do is give them some of my time reading it. Does anyone else do this?

Here are my thoughts for now, let’s see what this becomes, I think I may do more extensive spoiler filled book reviews on here because sometimes I have so much to say and it’s hard to not spoil it in my mini reviews on my Bookstagram page.

So for what I think is the 3rd time, welcome to my blog!

Stay safe folks!



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